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Our Toolkit

The first step in separating truth from fiction is learning about the disinformation landscape. The following resources provide an understanding of how disinformation flies under the radar.

Below, links lead to important studies and articles that break down the path of disinformation, and identify those that spread it.

We've also developed and collected our own tools for stopping the spread of disinformation.

The first tool comes from within: skepticism

The most immediate way to fight fake news is to make sure you aren't sharing any! To do that, question your content before posting.

Start by thinking about the following:

- Is the content using highly emotional or antagonistic language?

- Is the information coming from a widely respected source?

- Is there an agenda behind this information?

-Does the content reference other research?

These qustions may help you identify red flags and encourage you to look at your source in greater depth.

To test your new knowledge, take our disinformation quiz!

Once you feel confident identifying disinformation, use resources like Junkipedia to report the fake news you encounter.

 Junkapedia provides resources and a community for journalists and scholars, and concerned citizens to identify and stop disinformation.

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